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Oh! + Awesome

Ever manage a full network setup with computers, screens, tablets and printers in the middle of a dusty field filled with music fans? We have. At Ohsome Interactive, we’re the tinkerers and crafters that build insane ideas and bring them to reality in the harshest conditions, usually sans internet. We hail from across the United States and each bring a different perspective and expertise to the table. We tinker with hardware, we weave code into magical automation, we play with what’s possible and make the impossible a reality. We do what others can’t or won’t.

Your brand, your agency, is in need of a partner like us. We bring ideas to the table, tell you how to execute them while minimizing risk, understand the data relevance early on and make sure it can be reported on. We integrate with your team seamlessly to work on projects side-by-side, helping to bring technology into your team’s vocabulary and make everyone as comfortable with it as we are. Technology doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to be unpredictable. Let us show you how.

Our Capabilities, Your Possibilities

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Socially Driven Experiences

Onsite Games & Activities

Full Immersive Experiences

Mobile & Onsite Applications

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Proving Grounds

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